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I help small business owners who are struggling with their online business by guiding them to develop and implement a low cost solution to acquiring a steady flow of website visitors that convert into loyal customers.

Online Business and Marketing Coaching

Hi, I’m Barry Trembetzky, internet entrepreneur and online business and marketing coach. Whether you have an online business, or you’ve been thinking of launching an online business, I am certain that I can help you to achieve your business goals to create the lifestyle and financial freedom you desire.

During my 20+ year online career as a digital marketer, I have met numerous small business owners with at least one of the following complaints:


They spent a small fortune to hire a web design company to build them a website. They ended up with a decent website but there were very few visitors and poor sales results.


They hired someone claiming to be a SEO expert only to discover that after many months their website still received very little or no search engine traffic.


They had hired an account manager or agency to manage their social media accounts. They obtained some likes and engagement but generated very few or no sales.


They hired a marketing agency which set them up with Google and/or Facebook ad accounts, only to discover that the cost of the ads far exceeded the sales generated each month.

Sound familiar?

If it does, I can help YOU!

A few things I am great at


Generating free website traffic

The secret to running a profitable online business is being able to attract a steady flow of targeted visitors to your website without the use of paid ad campaigns. I know the best methods to drive consistent traffic from free sources.


Converting visitors into customers

I understand the online sales cycle, which is the sales conversion process starting from the first customer contact to closing the deal and making a sale. I know how to find cold prospects and convert them into loyal customers.


Leveraging your customer base

Most businesses are so caught up in finding new customers that they totally ignore their existing clients. I know how to cultivate repeat customers, increase average order value, and get your existing customers to promote your business.