Content Creation

What can quality content creation do for your business?

Have you ever wondered why most websites and online stores create posts and articles? There are many advantages to creating content that is meaningful, engaging and innovative for your business. These are the main reasons why your business needs to regularly add fresh and original content to your website and various social media platforms.

1. Search engine optimization with content creation.

Creating meaningful content will help your company gain more organic traffic to your website. When people find that your posts provide valuable information, they will like, comment and share your post on social media. Activity on social media relating to your posts also has a positive influence on your ranking in Google search. Instead of paying for advertisements, creating high-quality content will be your cost-saving strategy in the long-term.

2. Word-of-mouth.

Having one good post is a start, but consistency is the key. People want to see new facts, videos, and articles. Creating a posting schedule or plan will keep your business on track with social media. People will associate the content with your company, giving you free publicity and branding recognition.

3. Creating content to tell your story.

For many businesses that don’t have a very strong service or product differentiation, being able to tell your story is crucial. It is an opportunity to show the community why they should choose your business over the competition. Staying authentic and establishing your brand through posts will help to establish a positive image for your business.

4. Loyalty.

Most businesses have a very defined target market. Your company can post specific content to engage an existing audience. Posting relevant information creates a continuous sense of interest and credibility. It demonstrates that your company is passionate about the industry, product and service. Consistency and great content generates customer loyalty.

5. Content creation provides value.

Posts are a great way to find a new channel of communication with your potential clients without being intrusive like paid adverstisements. Posts on your website and social media can remain active for months and even years. Engagement adds value to your business in the eyes of consumers. Content creation marketing is a long-term play for many businesses.

How can I help your business create amazing content?

I understand that being a business owner doesn’t necessarily make you a writer or content creator. That’s okay! I have extensive experience working with content creators and I can assist you with identifying what are the best types of content to match your product/service offering. I can also guide you with finding talented content creators who can create great content for your website and various social media platforms.

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