Email Marketing

Who uses email marketing and why is it important?

Email marketing is a highly effective tool used to generate leads and sales, convert prospects into customers, and one-time buyers into loyal repeat constumers. It is still considered the most effective way to communicate with your customers. Statistics shows that over 90% percent of consumers check their email daily. In simple terms, email marketing is used to promote your business and get updates on promotions, new product offerings and discounts. For most businesses it is a great opportunity to build loyalty and trust with their customers. Is email marketing necessary for small businesses? Yes! It is affordable and easy to track, in comparison to other forms of advertising. It can help any business reach a wider audience, and strengthen the relationship with current customers. 

How can I help you with email marketing?

I can help your business to improve its sale cycle by guiding you on how to use email marketing to move your prospects from the wanting onto the buying stage. In other words, I can help you to use emails to motivate people to purchase your products and services. Here are a few areas that I can assist you with:

1. Lead Magnets

Create leads by giving incentives to the customer in return for their email address. The incentives can be anything of value to the consumer, such as discounts, giveaways, eBooks, downloads, guides, and much more. I collaborate with you to develop a unique lead magnet for your consumer base.

2. Call-to-Actions.

I help you set up call-to-actions for your website to make sure your website visitors become your email subscribers. There are various options for how a call-to-action can look like on the website, it can be in the form of a banner, floating headers, sidebars, pop-up forms, and more.

3. Advertising Campaigns.

There is also the option to advertise your lead magnets with the use of social media or paid ads. The traffic generated will get forwarded to a specific landing page that will give visitors an incentive to opt-in to your email list.

4. Software for Email Marketing

There are a variety of email marketing software options to choose from. I can help you to select and implement the right software for your needs to build an email list, generate leads and send out promotional emails. 

5. Email Newsletters

I can assist you to find content creators who can design and create unique promotional emails that will reflect the latest trends suitable for your business. Emails can be promotional, as to the latest products, services, and sales, as well as informational blogs, news, articles, and more. 

6. Email List Maintenance

It is crucial to review the subscriber mailing lists and identify the consumers that do not engage with the newsletters, as it negatively impacts email deliverability. 

7. Performance Optimization

I can help you to evaluate your email marketing performance, by using different metrics such as subscribers, click-through rates and conversions to review and fine tune the results regularly.

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