Facebook Business Page

Why is a Facebook business page important?

Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world. With over 1.5 billion users, and over 22 billion clicks daily, no business should ignore this opportunity to reach their target audience. Statistics shows that people on average spend 50 minutes each day on Facebook. This gives your business plenty of opportunities to reach out. Facebook is one of the best ways to get free organic traffic for your business and generate sales. Here is a list of advantages that an awesome Facebook business page will bring to your company.

1. Audience engagement.

Facebook is a great resource for creating new sales. Engaging your audience with interesting posts and content allows you to stay in touch with your existing customer base. Having meaningful content will encourage your current fans to share your posts. This serves as free marketing for your business. A majority of people consider word-of-mouth the most trusted source of information. There is a sense of credibility when an individual sees other people using your products and services.

How to balance your content? The general rule is 80/20. Eighty percent of the content should be created to engage the audience, the rest can be used for sales and marketing. This way the consumer stays interested and doesn’t get overwhelmed with ads. Your business then has the opportunity to continuously promote itself without the high cost of paid advertising.

2. Reviews and publicity.

A Facebook business page allows you to collect reviews from your customers. Previous clients can point out the strengths and weaknesses. Feedback is crucial for future decisions. Bonus: You can link the top Facebook reviews to your website, at no additional charge. This will create a great image for your company. 

3. Google loves positive reviews.

Positive reviews on Facebook will bring organic traffic because your business name will rank higher in search results. Each like, comment and share is automatically displayed to others. The more active your Facebook page gets, the higher your company is ranked in search engines. Also, positive reviews can be crucial in one’s decision when choosing between similar companies.

4. Strong domains are more trustworthy.

Another advantage, Facebook has a strong domain. Facebook is ranked as one of the top sites in Google search. Your Facebook business page will be displayed in the top 10 search results when someone is searching your business name. You get to control the public image of your business.

How can I help with your Facebook Business Page?

Having a Facebook business page is a must. Creating one is not hard, but keeping the content and engagement is a challenge. I believe that the best online businesses are built on organic traffic. I can help you start from scratch and grow your following with likes and shares. I mentor you on finding creative content providers who can create interesting and engaging content specifically for your business, ensuring:

1. You have an outstanding page that matches your target market;
2. You post appealing content to generate engagement and interest around your business;
3. You interact with followers, likes and shares, and reply to comments;
4. You create buzz in the community. Remember, your existing customers are your best sales people.

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