Guerrilla Marketing

What is guerrilla marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is the art of using novel and unconventional marketing methods to attract interest to a product or service. The tactics are low-cost and involve the use of more personal interactions or viral social media campaigns. The focus is on a smaller targeted audience rather than through widespread media campaigns. Connecting to the emotions of your audience is the key to a successful campaign.

Why should you consider it?

When done correctly, you tell a story, build brand awareness and generate a buzz without spending a fortune on paid ads. By capturing your target audience’s attention at little to no cost, you can create word of mouth marketing in the short-term and user-generated content in the long-term. It also tells your audience that you are ready to capture their attention in creative ways. This helps your business become the market leader you want to be in your industry. Your business becomes much more recognizable and it is more likely that your business will be the first choice in the consumer’s mind.

How can I help you with guerrilla marketing?

Due to its cost-effectiveness, guerrilla marketing is an outstanding opportunity for small businesses with limited budgets. Due to the advent of social media networking, there has never been a better time to employ guerrilla marketing tactics. I recommend guerrilla marketing campaigns as a major component of all my clients’ online marketing strategy. I can help you to:

1.  Determine your target audience and where to find them;
2.  Identify your audience’s emotions;
3.  Create an original concept that speaks to your audience’s hearts;
4.  Make your campaign interactive so that the user feels involved in the process;
5.  Measure performance by reviewing social media likes and shares, user engagement and sales.

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