Local Lead Generation

How to generate local leads for your business?

Every location based physical business wants to improve their local lead generation process. Many skilled sales people can tranform leads into sales, but getting a reliable and steady source of qualified leads is the challenge. In the 21st century, the gold-mine of lead generation is located online. Having a well-crafted digital presence will help you generate leads in your local community. Many things can contribute to improving the number of leads.

1. Ranking in the search engine.

Is your site on the first page of Google? Try searching for the most common keywords and search phrases related to your business within your local area. Most people will visit no more than the first 5 search engine results. If you’re not in the top five, you might be missing out on a great opportunty of getting highly qualified free leads.

2. Update your website.

Is your website up-to-date or does it look like it comes from the 90’s? Nowadays, consumers are used to seeing nice designs, user-friendly interface, easy navigation and responsive to all devices. If any of these factors are missing from your site, your business might just be losing leads on the spot. Research shows, that most consumers now associate the website directly with the product quality. If the site is poor quality and outdated, so must be the business.

3. Advertising specifically for local lead generation.

No need to spend a fortune, but smart targeted advertising will help the local community get a notice of your products and services. 

4. Social media presence.

Social media has many advatages if it’s used properly. You can tell people how you are different and what makes you stand out in comparison to your competitors. It can be either a product feature, an interesting story, or just by engaging with the community that your businesses managed to create around itself. The best way to get feedback about your products, employees, website and so on, is by reading the reviews. People leave reviews because they are either very satisfied with your business or they have had an unplesant experience. It is always good to stay in contact with your community so you can make improvements if necessary. Another social media advantage is that it can help you out with search engines, including Google. If you want a high ranking on search results, positive reviews, regular updates and audience engagement will help you out. 

How can we help you get local leads?

If local lead generation is approriate for your business, I can help you create and implement a winning marketing strategy with the focus on creating a steady flow of quality leads that can potentially be transformed into buyers. 

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