My Philosophy

Being resilient is one of the things I do best

I will always remember the day when I was supposed to register for my first year of university. It was the late 1970s and I was 18 years old and had no idea on what I wanted to study let alone major in. My appointment was for 11 am. I was handed a course selection form and a thick handbook listing hundreds of courses. I had gone through high school without ever having had a school guidance counselor session and I had no one in my family to guide me. I sat alone for hours in the school administration office going through the courses with no clue on what courses to choose. At 4:10 pm somebody finally offered me some assistance. Within a few minutes of the office closing, I managed to select 10 courses, essentially, at random.

On the way home, I sat on the bus thinking to myself, why am I going to university when I have no idea on what to study? That’s when I decided that maybe there was a better option for me. So instead of going directly home, I ended up going to a bookstore. I instinctively headed for the personal development section and began perusing numerous books on personal development and success. I ended up buying three books that were selected simply from the title of the books without knowing anything about the renown of the book or the author. The three books were How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie, The Magic of Thinking Big” by Dr. David Schwartz and The Master-Key to Riches” by Napoleon Hill.

The impact of personal development on me

The impact of these three books on my life was profound and dramatic. These books became my guidance counselor and more importantly, my coach and mentor. They instilled in me the idea that a better life was not only possible but that my life did not have to be defined by my circumstances. Up to that point in time, my childhood and adolescence could be best described as less than ideal.

Within a few weeks of reading these books and applying the principles set out in them, I was offered a job as a sales manager in a newspaper telemarketing office I was working in. I gladly accepted and was soon was earning $500-750 a week. That would be the equivalent today of an 18-year-old earning $2,000-3,000 weekly straight out of high school.

At age 23, I started my first company and within a year, I had offices in 3 cities with over 50 employees. I eventually went to university and Law School, while at the same time I continued to operate my business. I finally sold the business when I embarked on a career as lawyer. I reinvented myself as an internet entrepreneur and digital marketer when the internet came along, and I saw the opportunities that the internet presented.

Since reading those three books at age 18, I have lived an extraordinary life. I attribute my achievements in life to the following twelve principles gleaned from those books, which form the basis of my personal philosophy:

My philosophy

1.    Take personal responsibility for the outcome of your life.
2.    Do more than what is asked of you.
3.    Think big and big things will happen.
4.    Believe in yourself and others will believe in you.
5.    Treat others with kindness and respect.
6.    Be resilient. Never let adversity defeat you.
7.    When you encounter failure, look at it as a lesson and learn from it.
8.    The essence of life is growth, which comes from continuous learning.
9.    Your thoughts become your reality.
10.  Be grateful for everything you have in life.
11.  We live in a world of abundance and prosperity is yours for the asking.
12.  Act whenever opportunity arises.

These principles have served me well and I trust they will serve you well too. As an added bonus, I integrate these principles as part of my coaching services.

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