My Story

Barry Trembetzky

I started my online career as an IT lawyer for an internet start-up during the dotcom boom of the late 1990’s, where I learned the laws affecting the online business world. I transitioned to the world of online marketing when I discovered that I could earn a much larger income as a digital marketer, without all the stress and pressure of being a lawyer.

The world of marketing was not new to me. Prior to my becoming a lawyer, I had owned and operated Canada’s largest circulation sales company. My clients included Canada’s largest circulation newspapers and magazines. 

Transitioning to digital marketing was not an easy journey. This was 1999 and the internet was still relatively new. Google was in beta and there was no YouTube, Facebook, or social media. At that time, there were no courses on digital marketing available online and no business schools taught the subject. However, there was an online community of webmasters and affiliate marketers who hung out on various webmaster boards to network and who readily shared insider secrets on how to make money online. This is where I was first introduced to the concept of affiliate marketing and I undertook learning about how to rank high in search engine results. 

Within one year of embarking on my journey as a digital marketer, I was earning more than three times the income compared to my best year of practicing law. I was able to automate the whole online process and soon enjoyed the laptop lifestyle. Since childhood, it had always been my dream to travel the world and now I had the opportunity to live it. I explored many of the world’s great cities, ventured to exotic locations and wintered in tropical paradises. I would travel from place to place with just a carry-on bag and laptop. Meanwhile, whether I hung out at the beach, went sightseeing, enjoyed a fabulous meal, or just slept, I was making money.

Over the years, my various sites and pages have generated over 70 million search engine hits and I have developed a proficiency in domain and server management, front-end development, html, css, bootstrap, php, Jekyll, liquid, drupal, wordpress, Amazon FBA and Shopify.

I am now at the stage of life where I am ready to share my knowledge and expertise with small business owners who are struggling with their transition to the online world. Especially, in light of the events of covid-19, where many businesses were forced to close, I see the need for someone with my skill set to help others to, not only survive, but thrive online.

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